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Ignacio Feat. Chappell – Can’t Believe

Release date: 27/06/2016
‘Can’t believe’ is our new release, featuring Utrecht based Ignacio in a smooth
and soulful collaboration with Chappell. The original mix features subtle and
well-balanced Chappell classic vocals. As always, Chappell adds much warmth
and charm. Meanwhile you will hear that the ‘Susanne Alt Sax Mix’ gives away
room for the saxophone to take us to breath-taking heights. You can also find
Florino & Poco two swinging remixes. The ‘saxy dub remix’ offers a more deeper
and dub ambiance. Needless to say, Suntree Records bringing the natural
soulfulness to the Spring season with the various tastes on this new release!

Meital De Razon & Asi Tal – Caught Up

Release date: 07/03/2016
Summer is around the corner and its the perfect time for a new single
from Suntree’s soulful duo Meital De Razon & Asi Tal! After the
success of Meital & Asi’s latest single ‘So Special’ its time for the love
duo to bring ‘Caught Up’, The new soulful sun drenched tune, that will
lead you to your favorite beach spot! Bring on the summer!

Oded Nir & Nova Caza – Jam Hot The Remixes

Release date: 18/01/2016
So it’s time to fire up some new Suntree remix-goodies. In this new
Jam Hot remix package, we have Amsterdam finest Mike Scot, and
Zurich-based DJ Mimmo, And we’re glad they brought us their great
remix contribution. The single ‘Jam Hot’ on Suntree Records was the
fine collaboration between Nova Caza and Suntree-owner Oded Nir.

Deep Deluxe & Suntree’s Christmas Blend, Vol. 2

Release date: 07/12/2015
After the success of the 2014 Christmas blend of Soul Deluxe and
Suntree Records, its time for another holiday mix. Tradition is tradition!
For 2015 Suntree Records has teamed up with Deep Deluxe
recordings, bringing you a new smashing cooperation between the two
label owners Steven stone and Oded Nir that also mixed and compiled
a fresh new mix filled with goodies. Including tracks from: R.O.N.N.
AKA Ron Carroll, Oded Nir & Nova Caza, Steven Stone, Deejay
Mimmo, Chappell, Gregor Salto, Meital De Razon & Asi Tal, AM2PM
and many more!

Chappell Ft. Gregor Salto – Lonely

Release date: 23/11/2015
After ‘Let Me Take You’ by Chappell saw its release last March and hit
the soulful & deep charts, it is time for Suntree Records to present you
a brand new remix-package for one of this LP tracks ‘Lonely’ By
Chappell & Ft dutch house master Gregor Salto. Not only you will find
the original version slightly re-rubbed by Gregor Salto and Florian T,
but we have chosen three wonderful remixes by Soulful house maestro
Steven Stone (CH), Deejay Mimmo (CH), Oded Nir (NL) that are added
to this release. Join the house party!

Chappell – I Choose You: The Remixes, Pt. 2

Release Date: 20/07/2015
After the release of Chappell’s new album ’ Let Me Take You’, Suntree
Records is proud to bring you a fresh package of remixes of ‘I Choose
You’. Deepness is guaranteed with the Rubzman Mix, as Chicago
House legend R.O.N.N. aka Ron Carroll’s Acid Dub Mix has that extra
peak-time factor. DJ Damza surprises us with a Techouse remix, which
will hit the big floors.

Jam Hot – Nova Caza & Oded Nir

The newest single ‘Jam Hot’ on Suntree Records is another fine collaboration between Nova Caza and Oded Nir. We still remember ‘Space in Town’ several releases ago, and this time the two endlessly evolve their creativity into ‘Jam Hot’. This release incorporates a smooth, rolling (live) bass-line, an electric guitar, and a ‘Jam Hot’ vocal. Excellent deep pads layer down a deep flow throughout the track, while small saxophone-sections bring the Spring and Summer into this track!

Chappell’s debut Album ‘Let Me take You’

Suntree Records is very delighted to show Chappell’s debut album to the world.
We are always more than impressed from his live stage-performances, amazing voice, and personality on many releases. These abilities all come together on ‘Let Me Take You’, containing twelve wonderful tracks. We are still enjoying the success of the release of ‘I Choose You’ as the first single from the album, including the outstanding remix from R.O.N.N. (Ron Carroll) that received massive support from the music industry, We are ready to present you the next stage of Chappell’s music.
Chappell has the unique capability to bring together outstanding artists and producers. Take for example the wonderful fusion of talent in ‘Most High’ (ft. Rachel Claudio), bringing us nothing but goose bumps with its high level of ‘feel good’ vibes.

Meital De Razon & Asi Tal – ‘In Love Again’ (Remixed By Asi Tal)

Suntree Records is proud to present the new remixes single for our 2013 hit ‘In Love Again’
By Meital De Razon & Asi Tal.
In Love Again is a real soulful anthem that touched the hearts of many around the world and still is, what is more appropriate then having Asi Tal himself remixing two new versions for summer 2015! Asi provides us with two sexy deephouse tunes that will make you move into the dance floor and get in love again!

Chappell – I Choose You (Incl. R.O.N.N aka Ron Carroll ‘Chicago Boogie Remix’)

Out Now!

It is time for Chappell to fire out his new solo single ‘I Choose You’. This is the first single from his forthcoming full-length album ‘Let Me Take You’, coming out on Suntree Records. We are very delighted to let you have a wonderful first taste from the album, and also proud to include the ‘Chicago Boogie Remix’ by R.O.N.N (AKA Ron Carroll) to this release. R.O.N.N. (Ron Carroll) deserves some introduction, as this heavy weight producer, DJ, singer and songwriter from Chicago, has earned his stripes with his contributions to the worldwide house music community. Who doesn’t know his vocal performance in the massive classic ‘Lucky Star’ (with Superfunk), or remember the club anthem ‘Back Together’ (with Hardsoul)? Not only he hit the charts with splendid soulful house productions, but has also proven to be very diverse, as he worked with Bob Sinclar, Ce Ce Peniston, Louie Vega, Ron Trent and many more…

Best of Suntree Records

Out Now!

2015 will be Suntree Records’ fifth year, and this calls for a celebration. We therefore will release a special ‘Best of Suntree Records Vol. 3’, to mark our five-year anniversary. With tracks from our back-catalogue featuring Berny, Mark Masters, Satoshi Fumi, and Meital de Razon & Asi Tal, you can find some of the finest grooves we have released. Also, we are excited to bring you new tracks from artists who were recently signed to Suntree, and/or delivered us excellent remix-duties. Think about established names as Chappell, da Sunlounge, Kenny Summit and Olav Basoski. Lastly, if this was not enough for you, we are proud to add tracks from Fred Everything, Fish Go Deep, Pete Moss, and Steven Stone as new and recommended picks for our five-year compilation. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who supported our music and all the friendships we get from all over the world in the passed five years!

Best of Suntree Records

Soul Deluxe & Suntree’s Christmas Blend

Mixed and compiled by: Steven Stone & Oded Nir

What happens when two quality house labels come together, and celebrate Christmas 2014 musically? Two label bosses Steven Stone and Oded Nir cherry-pick the finest tracks from each other’s labels. That is what happens in this special 21-tracks compilation release ‘Soul Deluxe & Suntree’s Christmas Blend’. Oded Nir digs in Soul Deluxe’s back catalogue, and Steven Stone chooses tracks from Suntree’s catalogue. A fine result as tracks from Knee Deep, Louis Benedetti, Carlos Vargas, Richard Earnshaw, Kenny Summit, Scott Diaz, Berny, Mannix, Haldo, JT Donaldson and many more established names have been inserted in this wonderful compilation.

Oded Nir Ft. Chappell – Again & Again The Remixes Incl. Steven Stone (CH) , Haldo (IT), AM2PM (UK)

OUT NOW! exclusive on Traxsource till 22/12/14

After ‘Again & Again’ by Oded Nir ft. Chappell saw its release last August and hit the soulful charts over Traxsource & Itunes,
it is time for Suntree Records to present you a brand new remix-package of this soulful house gem.
Not only you will find the original version slightly re-rubbed by Oded Nir,
but we have chosen three wonderful remixes by Haldo (IT), Steven Stone (CH), AM2PM (UK) that are added to this release.

Space In Town – Nova Caza & Oded Nir incl. Remixes from Olav Basoski, Nova Caza Dub Mix

Out Now exclusive Traxsource promo till 29/09/14

A brand new release and two new names joining Suntree Records, as Nova Caza and Oded Nir teamed up to make ‘Space in Town’, while Olav Basoski provides us a splendid remix that goes to the dancefloor.
Nova Caza dub mix is absolutely finishing off the EP perfectly, with a deep journey.While we still remember the previous Suntree release ‘Again and Again’ with the focus on soulful grooves,
we are taking you to the deep this time. We have put some nice surprises in this EP, as it is a 100% Amsterdam release…
Nova Caza (Tim Niewenhuis), has released music back in 1992 on Dance Factory (as DJ Spinoff). From that time on, he played alongside Stacy Pullen, Marcello, Dimitri, Joost van Bellen and many more.
Amsterdam, a multi-cultural scene, has led to the collaboration with Oded Nir, founder of Suntree Records. Oded is educated in live-instruments, ambient and triphop.
It comes back when he incorporates live bass guitar during his live shows.
That is why we think this release truly embodies the finest mix between live and electronica.
Olav Basoski is an established name in the world of producers and remixers. He has been featured on many compilations including UK’s Ministry of Sound.
He remixed a wide range of great names such as Todd Terry to Armin van Buuren, Phats and Small to James Brown,they all have hired him for his skills and expertise.
Having his own imprint Rootz Records, has gained him a reputation of the most respected key players in the scene.

Chappell In the House!!

Im very proud to announce that Chappell (USA) has joined the ranks of Suntree Records by signing his upcoming new LP ‘Let Me Take You’ and 3 remix packages to Suntree.
The album will be available at the shops for Christmas 2014 and features artists such as: Gregor Salto, Boddhi Satva, Rancido, Sean McCaff, Tillia, and Rachel Claudio.
The first single from the album, which includes a video clip, is called ‘I Choose You’ and will be out for the South African market exclusively(for 3 weeks) on the 22th of September! Stay Tuned

Again & Again

A new collaboration from the Suntree Records Headquarters in Amsterdam, as label-runner Oded Nir invites Chappell on ‘Again & Again’, a song that describes re-occurring events in life.
Chappell’s voice is one of the most recognizable ones in the soulful house world. Holland is now the home base from where Chappell has made his mark musically on Europe, South Africa, Asia, and beyond.
He has become a respected singer, songwriter and entertainer who works with many established names in Holland, Europe and the US. Collaborations include Ralf Gum, Danny Marquez, Daniel Bovie, Gene Farris, Groove Junkies, Gregor Salto, Sidney Samson to name a few. Chappell has released several singles since 2007 and quite a few hit the top of the chart. This includes his hit with Gregor Salto ‘Your Friend’, which has nearly 1 million views on Youtube. Chappell live makes quite an impression in all parts of the world. The musical relationship between Oded and Chappell goes way back in time, as the two performed with each other many times. Now is the moment for them to combine their skills, friendship and their passion for music in ‘Again & Again’.Oded Nir ft. Chappell – Again & Again (Original Instrumental)This song has all the ingredients of the summer, as Oded’s live-bass resonates a playful, powerful groove throughout the track. In addition, soft Rhodes give the track warmth and supports Chappell’s smooth voice, while the woodblocks create that contagious rhythm on the drums. Lastly the subtle saxophone lifts the song to a peak, where Chappell hits the higher notes as always, as part of his trademark.

So Special

Last October (2013) Suntree Records saw the single-release of Asi Tal & Meital de Razon’s ‘So Special’, and now we are back again with several remixes that were brewed over the last several months.
This time, we have four splendid remixes on Asi Tal & Meital de Razon’s ‘So Special’.
An early Spring-feeling is made possible by listening to the remixes by Da Sunlounge (UK), Kenny Summit (USA), VNM (IL), and our own Oded Nir.
Check the different house-flavors we got for you here, and please let us know how they taste for you!

Late Night Flight

‘Late Night Flight’ appeared on Oded’s debut album ‘Midnight Snacker’ (2010).
Now, Suntree Records would like to present you the remix package of ‘Late Night Flight’, a homage to all night-owls. Besides the original track by Oded Nir ft. King Dread James, we have Berny (IT), DK Watts (US), and Pascal Moraïs (NL) who supplied us with three splendid remixes. So fasten your seatbelts!